Parents Be Alert!

Oct 09, 2014
Mark Beasley



This week I have seen two different articles that have alerted me and caused me to be greatly alarmed for the safety of our students. I feel it is vital to get the information in your hands just as quickly as I receive it! Parents we need to beware of the dangers our children are involved in or they could possible soon face.

The first potential danger I read in an article was the most alarming, it was in regards to sexting. “Sexting” which I’m sure is no new term for most, but it is the method of using text by cell phone to send nude photos from teens back and forth. This article revealed how “normal” it has become and excepting it now is. This CAN NOT be the normal for Godly teens!

Secondly, I read and article about an app called Yik-Yak. Yik-Yak is an app for your teen’s phone that allows them to, “Share your thoughts with people around you while keeping your privacy.” Basically, what this app has now allowed in a nut shell is, severe cyber bullying without restrictions. I can sign up on Yik Yak secretly, write a “secret” that mentions your name, click enter and then everyone else now can see it. Then people vote to keep it popular and trending. It is dangerous and toxic! Again, this CAN NOT be the norm for Godly teens!

1 Samuel 3:13 For I told him that I would judge his family forever because of the sin he knew about; his sons made themselves contemptible, and he failed to restrain them.

The priest Eli was made aware that his two sons Hophni and Phinehas were living in sin, but did not correct it in time and God took their lives! As a parent we can so busy with duties that we don’t take time to oversee what our kids are really into until its to late.

I encourage you to have to conversations with you teens and children. Help them make wise and pure choices! Ones that honor God and others! Make sure you know what is on their phones! Are you paying the bill? Ok…check them out!

I have attached the two articles below, so just click the “link,” also I have added an important link to help you research your teens apps. Know what they are involved in. “” will tell what every app does on their device!


Yik Yak

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